Day 2 – Kamloops to Salmon Arm

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Our longest day, 111.9kms, and what a great day it was!  It was hot – max temperature was 31.  We were ready to get off our bikes and out of the heat but we are just as ready to get back on tomorrow morning.

Daily highlights:

  • Jack Knox escorted us out of Kamloops and rode with us until Pritchard.  Thanks Jack, it was a pleasure!
  • The cheers of our support crew at our nutrition stops, waving purple balloons – they were always there at just the right time!
  • Honks and waves from drivers along the way – proof we are achieving our goal and raising awareness for ALS.
  • And for one rider, an unexpected encounter with a woman who has been personally affected by ALS:
    “When it was my turn to share my highlight of the day this afternoon, I spoke about a connection I made with a woman I met at the Golden Ears Fruitstand.  She had asked me about the team and what we are riding for.  I shared with her our goal to raise awareness and funds for ALS and people living with loved one’s who have been struck by this devastating disease.  The woman introduced herself to me as Sheila, and explained with tears in her eyes that her brother had died of ALS.  Sheila told me she was very touched by what our team was doing.  She wished us good luck and safe travels.  When I asked Sheila if she would share her brothers name with me I could see pain and sorrow in her eyes.  But I could also see huge amounts of pride and love as she told me his name…Bob.  I have never known anyone who has been diagnosed with ALS, but feel very blessed to have been touched by the stories of those who have.  A big part of this journey is about the stories that are shared, and the hope that comes from these stories.”

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  1. What you are doing is helping people through these tough times,thank you for that,as I have been dealing with this night mare for 18 months,as my kid brother 52 years old has ALS in final stages,it really nice to know people do care. Scottybe Will see you all when you come through Kelowna!!

  2. We’re so very proud of all of you and for what you’re doing to raise awareness regarding this devastating disease. Keep up the good work, we’re supporting you and your endeavours every way we can!! Love to you all, Bless you for all you’re doing!!

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