Day 2 – Victoria, Saanich, Westshore

260kms into the “Cycle of Hope ALS Awareness Journey” and I am finally sitting somewhere quietly to collect my thoughts and emotions after a couple of days of early mornings, late nights, very big climbs, fast descents, brilliant smiles, heartfelt moments, difficult tears and unbelievable team work.  These last two days of riding have been unreal, but truly for me the “Cycle of Hope ALS Awareness Journey” started a few years back when I met Cindy and Jennifer at my first ever Oodles of Noodles. I sat quietly at the back of the room with my family and listened to them pour their hearts out about losing their dads to ALS. I knew too well their stories and my husband and I sat there in disbelief that someone else “knew” what we knew, that someone else was as ripped up as we were, that someone else had hurt like we did, that people were coming together to fight back and to support one another at a time when life feels unbearable. Although Cindy and Jen didn’t know it, it was then that my journey began. They inspired me to move and to take a chance that perhaps I would one day be strong enough to tell my story and to support the others along this journey that need my strength, like I needed theirs.

We have been training hard this Cycle of Hope 2015 team, physically hard, emotionally hard, and strategically hard. We have been challenged and each and everyone of us on this team has risen to that challenge. I am very proud of this group. Today I took an opportunity to sit in the “back seat” and watch as the riders rode in a peloton by, they were beautiful. It took my breath away.

I felt so inspired by their strength and determination. Yesterday, Robin asked me “Liane, what was one thing that you remember most about your mother in law?” It was her strength and determination to be well again. Never did she lose her will and her hope; it was incredible. She stayed home until the very last days of her life and her husband became her nurse, her children her support team and her twin, a forever best friend.  There were many extremely rough days. Days and days of sitting at the farm, of trying to make light of something that wasn’t frickin fair! Days of agonizing pain and fear. She pushed through again and again and her family supported her, her husband had outstanding strength and courage. The thing about the Cycle of Hope team is that many of us know that similar determination. We have seen it. Kevin and Daphne see it in Ernie, Les saw it in Jimmy, Cindy and Jen in their dads and together we want to inspire hope for those that need it. We need to beat ALS, we need to help achat en ligne de viagra people and families suffering.

laura checkToday was a great day, we sailed the streets of Victoria, Saanich, Sydney, View Royal, Metchosin, Langford and Esquimalt.  We rocked the radio stations, we collect a huge ass check from the bottle deposit of over 8500$,  Rhino lost a pedal but never his cool, Brenda showed up with treats, Jen learned about selfies and had great smiles all day, Richard’s head got stung by a bee (or so he claims), Kevin had some delicious snacks, Daphne took some unreal photos, Robin, Heather and Laura worked wonders on the walkie talkie with Richard, Cindy pulled us along up the hills, Leasa was as always a kind and caring person to lean against when I had my moment of overwhelming emotion

and Les, well Les is a rock, I feel his commitment to this cause and his friend and I understand his soul. Les I can’t tell you the raw courage and strength I feel from the members on this team.

The highlight of the day for me was climbing out of Cordova Bay and up Saywayd (Richard’s favourite hill) when a little white car came honking by (now I have to tell you that we get lots of honks, but mostly from our number one supporters, the amazing support team) so this one was a little different. As we neared the top we saw that the car had pulled over and was talking to our support car, he had heard us on the radio this morning and came to find us and give us a donation…..Now that is what I am riding for, to support others that need to see me out there, the small quiet voices that might be sitting in the back of the cialis generique room somewhere needing to hear my story so that they don’t feel so alone. I can guarantee you that the team is here to inspire hope for those that need it. I know they have for me! A huge shout out to the Cycle of Hope 2015 team. I love you guys!

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By Lian Wohlberg

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