Day 4 – Vernon to Kelowna

Here we are on the 4th day of our 2015 Cycle of Hope journey. Yesterday was full of unexpected twists that were challenging to say the least. Car accidents, nearly missed ferries, and auto breakdowns threw proverbial wrenches into the plans that were laid out. But the force that is called ‘The Cycle Of Hope’ pushed through all these hurdles and we woke up ready as a team to ride from Vernon to Kelowna.

LianeToday was a huge day for our team’s spirit…we were going to Kelowna to meet the rest of the Cycle Of Hope Family. This is my first year being involved with the team and I knew levitra for daily use today was going to be a special day because of the happiness AND sadness that the returning members were feeling and showing as we rolled out of Vernon.

The ride itself was brilliant. We all looked like a strong unit rolling through Vernon at 7:45 this morning with our branded support vehicles escorting us and protecting us from harm’s way. I never imagined riding along side my favourite people taking the full lane on a busy highway! All along the way, we heard honks and saw friendly waves from supporters driving past us. The view of Kalamalka Lake on our left, a rustic tractor cemetery photo opportunity, and the rolling hills of the Okanagan Valley were treats that any cyclist would love to experience. The highlight for me was definitely being lead into Kelowna by the Kelowna Fire Department. Riding through town at 40 km/hr behind a fire truck was fantastic. It was such a treat to feel safe, strong, and visible to everyone who passed us.

We are a strong group. We have been training hard for this cycling journey. Although we officially started on Wednesday of this week, the journey really started in April. It took us a while to get where we are now…four months of training three times a week…doing hill repeats on Tuesdays, viagra sans ordonnance sprints and speed work on Thursdays, and longer rides on Sunday’s. I don’t think we stop to think about how much of a privilege it is to have this luxury.

corinneHearing stories about friends and family that are affected by ALS really makes me realize how blessed we are. If we decide to put our mind to training for an event like the Cycle Of Hope, Most of us can. It does take some discipline and commitment, sure. But that’s something we have control over. The part we don’t have any power over is our health.

I wake up everyday, get dressed, go to work, ride my bike…and too often I take it all for granted. The fact that I can do these things is a blessing and a privilege. My Cycle Of Hope journey has introduced me to people who can’t…people who wake up in the morning and are challenged with simple everyday tasks like brushing their teeth. And not only does ALS affect them, but it also does all the people around them. And it isn’t fair. There is no logical reason why fate would do that to anyone. But yet it does. I have been told that life isn’t always fair. People don’t get the things they deserve.

So what can I take away from this experience? I can be thankful every day for the blessings that I have…my health, my ability to do things that make me smile, and my people…especially my newly found Cycle Of Hope Family. I can also do what I can to help…because there are so many people that could use a helping hand, a sensitive ear, or shoulder to lean on. It’s just that easy.


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