Day 6 – Kelowna to Penticton

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68.9km ride today, through wine country and along Okanagan Lake – the scenery was breathtaking, the temperatures getting hotter!  We were fortunate to be escorted out of Kelowna by Jim Bates of Fresh Air Concept.  He commented to Cindy that he was impressed how we work as a team and how easily we switch from doubles to singles.  That really was the theme of the day – teamwork. We have come a long way in our six month journey together, supporting and taking care of each other both on and off the bikes.  We had some highs and lows today but we did it together, as a team, as a family.

One realization of the day is that even though some of us have lost their father to ALS, we have gained many new close friends, people that we are proud to call our new family.

Daily Highlights

  •  Solange waving the Island Farms sign in honour of Jennifer Pendray as we arrived in Summerland
  • Leasa and Sean getting their wheels caught in a bridges planks, managing to stay on their bikes and although our hearts skipped a beat, no one panicked
  • Maneuvering through the exit from Kelowna to Penticton – trusting the support crew behind us and the riders in the lead
  • The team handled a challenging emergency situation with organized purpose.We did what had to be done, with calmness. The team worked together, took roles and each one kept a strong focus on the task at hand. This evening, we are all so relieved to know that everything is fine– we are also most proud of the team’s efforts and courage.
  • Wonderful and positive energy tonight at dinner– this team is amazing!

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