Day 7 – Penticton to Osoyoos

Arnold Lim
News staff

Every day, we start out with numbers.

Each rider, huddled around trainers and support crew, tells the group how good they feel by saying a number between one and 10 before embarking on the days ride on the ALS Cycle of Hope.

Today I am a six. Yesterday’s ride from Kelowna to Penticton proved to be hilly one and that combined with an illness, had me questioning how I would perform cycling from Penticton to Osoyoos on day 7 of the tour.

The fact only two rides remain doesn’t make me feel any better because I know every ride we complete is another step closer to

the end of a journey that seemed so far away six months ago – but is now one day from being complete.

The burden of that knowledge is unwelcome and mentally preparing myself to let go of

the high of waking up each morning, jumping on my bike and spending my days with teammates, communities and families that have hurt so much and have given everything so freely, is a bitter pill.

At 7 a.m., the 67 kilometre journey to our next stop begins and surprisingly I find my body feeling strong. The ride through picturesque Okanagan Lake, past beautifully shaved rock faces, wineries and idillic farmland has my head on a swivel the entire way looking for the next opportunity to say ‘wow’ – I do so many, many times over.

440 kilometres into a 510-kilometre journey, I remind myself there is only one day and one ride remaining on the 2014 ALS Cycle of Hope and that reminder is not a happy one.

While very much looking forward to seeing my wife and children who are healthy, happy and waiting for me at the other end of this journey, I know most of the people I have met on this journey would love to say that but can’t – and  I am sorry.

Arnold Lim is a photojournalist with the newspapers of Black Press

and one of 12 riders on the ALS Cycle of Hope pedalling from Kamloops to Keremeos, August 6-13.

Day 8 is the final ride, taking the team from Osoyoos to Keremeos August 13. For more information about the tour or to check out his daily blog posts visit


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