Day 7 – Penticton to Osoyoos

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The day started with a woman coming to see us off in Penticton.  She had lost her father to ALS and she wanted to let us know that she was so appreciative of what we were doing and gave us a donation.  It was a small gesture that meant so much to all of us.  The highlight of the day and we hadn’t even left the parking lot!

The ride was hot but it was relatively flat, a nice break before our tough climb tomorrow.  We made good time….not sure if that was our desire to get out of the heat or the pull of lunch at Burrowing Owl.  I must say it was amusing to see 10 riders shower and change in just 2 rooms within 45 minutes so we could make lunch.

Our final team meeting tonight was thoughtful.  Everyone was in good spirits but there was the looming reality that tomorrow will be our last day.  Some of us will head home, some will continue with other vacation plans but our convoy will break up.  Our journey together isn’t ending but it will take on a different shape, at least for now.

Daily Highlights:

  • Osprey flying above us and diving into the river just as we were leaving Penticton
  • The scenery – just can’t say enough about how beautiful this area is
  • At the south end of Skaha Lake we met Annika, a woman whom the team had met last year.  It was exciting to find her still there, she remembered the team from last year and we look forward to seeing her again next year.
  • Lunch at Burrowing Owl – great food, wine and atmosphere

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  1. Yesterday morning is no doubt one of the best mornings of my summer. When I answered the door and saw Cindy smiling there and asking if I remembered her. It didn’t take long to register (it was morning though)…Cycle of Hope Girls!!!!
    It was wonderful to see those beautiful faces again, as well as new faces that has joined this growing inspiring group!
    I know more about this terrible disease since encountering this team which I otherwise would not. And the inspiration that flows from each and everyone is truly amazing!
    I’m already looking forward to next year. The only way I maybe could get them to stay and visit longer is to make……..PANCAKES!! 🙂 Tell me when Robin and next year you got it! My mom said she’d even give me the crepe recipe. If that doesn’t work MaKenna and I are going on the road with you guys!
    Take care of each other.
    MaKenna and Anika

    • Hi Anika!
      So glad to hear from you! We are all back at home and resting from the journey. We were so excited to see that you had not moved away…. it was great to see a familiar face in Okanagan Falls. We will definitely contact you next year prior to our arrival and give you plenty of time to arrange for a visit with you! Would truly love seeing you in Kelowna at our community rides! Looking forward to next summer. Wishing you a great day, Cindy and the team

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