Day 8 – Osoyoos to Keremeos

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What to say?  This was our final day of riding.  It was full of emotions, laughter and support.  The dreaded Richter Pass was not as bad as we had psyched ourselves up to a matter of fact, we ROCKED it.  The weather was cooler which was such a pleasure.  We tackled the hills as a team, as we have done throughout but there was something particularly special about these ones.

We were greeted in Keremeos by the mayor who welcomed us back, pleased to see our numbers double from last year.  We walked our bikes the last few hundred meters, so we could include our teammate who had been unable to ride the last couple of days.  We trained as a team; we rode as a team and we finished as a team.  Tears welled up as we walked through town….this was it, our final destination.

Thank you to everyone who we have met and who told us their stories along the way, to everyone who supported us from home and afar, to everyone that supported us along the route, to our friends and families that allowed us the freedom to commit to this journey over the last six months.

See everyone next year for ALS Cycle of Hope 2014!!!

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