The unexpected gift of a wooden crow…

Today, at the ALS Victoria Chapter meeting, I received a special gift from Ernie. I met Ernie two years ago during my first visit at the local ALS support group. I have since become a director with the executive of the ALS Victoria Chapter because I feel strongly in committing time with families who are also affected by ALS.

The group is wonderful~ they are kind, and they profoundly care for one another. The members enjoy hearing about the development of the Cycle of Hope Society. I feel most proud when sharing our accomplishments with this group simply because they understand our mission of inspiring hope for families living with ALS. Spending time with this support group is what truly makes a difference in my own journey to grieving without ever forgetting the true reality of ALS. It is also a comforting place for personal healing, just knowing that my small involvement makes a difference.

From the very beginning of the Cycle of Hope project, Ernie was a dedicated fan. His wife Alice and him were always happy to hear about our journey ~ they followed our blog and enjoyed keeping in touch with our many fundraisers. Alice and Ernie were even present at our media launches, they were always great supporters of our team, our project, our mission.

As an ALS patient, Ernie shows great courage and determination. Together, Ernie and Alice are a beautiful couple who are always calm, encouraging, sharing genuine care and kindness for others. As one can understand, it was extremely meaningful for me to receive the carved crow from Ernie today. He said he spent one week on it….the craftsmanship involved reflect great skills.

When Ernie offered me this beautifully carved wooden crow, there was a note attached to it: ” Cindy, we are all so proud of the Cycle of Hope that

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you and the team have completed in the 2 years. To honour you, Alice suggested that I make a crow for the trail you take.”

Heartfelt thanks Ernie, from the Cycle of Hope team




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